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"FAST BAT"- Bat Speed

Power Development System

The Most effective Bat Speed Tool on the market!

A)  Our custom (patent pending) Fast Bat design allows you to add additional

resistance rings into the bat, not over it.  This makes sure that:

1)  You can take soft toss or hit off a tee.  This is essential to develop hand-eye

coordination, one of the most critical aspects of a hitter’s success.  (We recommend

objects softer than a tennis ball to prevent the bat from breaking),

2)  Because the rings fit into the bat, not over it, the balance of the bat is not seriously

affected.  Donuts/bat weights that fit over the bat leads to faulty motor patterns.  (You

learn bad habits).  This is due to the fact that all the weight is distributed in the head of

the bat.  Our design allows for a more natural feel so that you can still take an identical

swing to how you normally would, except the bat will be slightly heavier or lighter – to

build power and speed.

B)  Our revolutionary volume regulating training program ensures that you will get

the correct amount of swings in to see improvement in bat speed.  Ever notice why

some athletes who lift weights get so much more muscular and stronger and others

make no improvement at all?  This occurs a lot of times because individuals choose the

wrong volume and frequency.  If you have too much volume you over-train and your

results will actually decrease.  Too little volume and you will see no improvement.  The

same goes for frequency.  Too much and you will go down and too little and you will go

nowhere.  Our program is designed by a strength and conditioning specialist and it’s

modeled after the Russian Periodization system to ensure that all your hard work will

not go to waste.  (By the way, we include 4 different training programs in our booklet:

most companies want you to pay extra for routines or will only include one.)

C)  The goal of our company is to help build better baseball players.  We felt that to

help you get the fastest results possible, it would be critical to include a manual on

strength training for baseball, seeing  that most players have no idea where to start.  

Our program includes how to design your own program, how to diagnose problem areas

and how to fix them, a sample list of over 80 quality exercises, and even a sample

workout template.  Best of all, you can get all the equipment you need for only $30 and

get a tremendous workout.  

D)  Lastly, our customer service is simply the best.  Having trouble with the program,

or figuring out how to work your weight training workouts around the Overload

Underload program?  No problem: simply email us and we will get back to you as soon

as possible with answers to help you get the most out of the training program.

We hope that we can help you on the road to achieving your baseball goals.   


What is Overload-Underload training?

Overload-Underload Training is a training method that utilizes identical movements

that one would encounter in his/her sport (swinging, throwing), only the resistance will

be increased or decreased slightly.  

How does Overload-Underload training work?

By replicating the exact motion that is used in the sport, there is a direct carry-over to

the movement in the sport, which isn’t always the case with traditional weight training.  

In the simplest terms, using a resistance that is slightly above what one usually

encounters increases strength.  Using resistance that is slightly lighter increases

movement speed and teaches the body (specifically the nervous system) how to fire at a

quicker rate.  When combined, the body learns how to become more powerful

Is there any scientific evidence to back up Overload-Underload training?

Absolutely! There are around 30-40 studies documenting the effectiveness of Overload-

Underload training in baseball alone!  Overload-Underload training has been used since

the 70’s by Olympic athletes to increase running speed, swim speed, as well as discus,

shot put, javelin, and the hammer throw.  Here are two of the numerous scientific

studies on Overload-Underload training if you would like to pursue more information.

Coop DeRenne, Barton P. Buxton, Ronald K. Hetzler and Kwok W. Ho. 1995: Effects of

Weighted Bat Implement

Training on Bat Swing Velocity. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: Vol.

9, No. 4, pp. 247–250.

Coop DeRenne, Barton P. Buxton, Ronald K. Hetzler and Kwok W. Ho. 1994: Effects of

Under- and Overweighted Implement Training on Pitching Velocity. The Journal of

Strength and Conditioning Research: Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 247–250.

Is Overload-Underload Training safe, especially for younger kids?

Overload-Underload Training is completely safe as long as the athlete is prepared for it.  

Being prepared means that the athlete is ready to make 50 – 80 swings at maximal

speed.  Younger athletes can definitely gain benefits from Overload-Underload training.  

How much can I realistically gain in 6 weeks?

It is nearly impossible to predict how much improvement players will make on an

individual basis.  A professional hitter with a barrel velocity of  82 mph will have a lot

less room to improve than, say, a high school freshman swinging 50 mph.  The bottom

line is all players will gain velocity (peak) or average, and most likely both.  Most players

should be able to make gains of 5 – 10 mph easily; however, that will again depend on

age and skill level.  

We believe our product is so powerful that at our facility we give a 120 % money back

guarantee that players will see improvement in their swing speed.  This means that we

give 100% of their money back plus another 20%.  That’s unheard of in today's market

but that’s how strongly we feel about our product.  Obviously, we can’t extend this

guarantee outside of our facility since we don’t have the luxury of making sure the

athlete is practicing as the program dictates, but we are confident that anyone who uses

the program as intended will make some of the fastest gains in bat speed of their career.