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The World’s #1 Bat Speed Training Device and Program

Since 2006


How it relates to bat speed

Overload - Underload training was originally developed by Soviet sports scientists in the 1970's while looking for a way to give their Olympic athletes an advantage over the competition.  Since then, some form of overload - underload training has been implemented in the Olympic and professional level of sports. Nearly every sport has used overload-underload training with extreme success- leading to many new world records! Now you can utilize these time tested and scientifically proven methods to improve your bat speed for baseball and hit the ball farther.


Revolutionary Patent Pending Training Bat

For Increased Bat Speed

Our bat speed training bat design allows for resistance to be added or subtracted internally, allowing players to still use the bat for soft toss and tee work – thus developing the vital component of hand-eye coordination.  The bat is correctly balanced and weighted to the exact ratio needed to see optimal gains in bat speed.

State of the Art Bat Speed Program ©

Unique volume regulating bat speed program designed by a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) allows players to make rapid gains in bat speed in the shortest amount of time.  Too much training volume = overtraining = no progress.  Too little training volume = not enough stimulus = no progress.  Let our proven program take the guess work out of bat speed training.

Strength & Performance How to Guide

For Baseball/Softball

Complete strength training for baseball booklet describes everything you need to know for increasing bat speed, arm strength, running speed, agility, and explosiveness.  If you want to learn the latest techniques to totally transform your game, this book will tell you how.  Plus, you won't need any fancy equipment or a gym membership to complete the workout.

An in depth article on the rationale

behind the power development system can

be found HERE

The Science of the Homerun

Taken From ESPN: Sports Science.  ESPN, Sportscenter, and Sport Science does not endorse the products on this site.  The video is strictly for educational purposes.

Bat speed is the single most important factor in hitting for distance”

“Swing speed is much more important than pitch speed in the home run equation”

Using the swing speed radar

to Using the swing speed radar to track bat speed can give you immediate feedback to track results, making it an outstanding tool to use in conjunction with Fast Bat

Karl Kapinos spent the off-season adding plenty of size and strength.  After using the Fast Bat and Power Development system for only 4 weeks, however, his bat speed climbed from the mid 80's to the mid 90's.  Karl initially topped out at 86 mph.  He became the first player I've recorded to break 100 mph after the training program though - HITTING 101 MPH!

For the record I've tested numerous pro players, former mlb players and a few top draft picks and Karl is the first to break the 100 mph on the swing speed radar.


Major Leaguer Nick Gorneault has accomplished a lot in his 10 year professional baseball career.  Some of his accomplishments include:

Pacific Coast League (AAA) Player of the Week, leading the PCL in RBI's (108), Anaheim Angels Player of the Month, California League Player of

the Week, California League All-Star, and Texas League Post-Season All-Star.

Nick collected over 1,000 minor league hits and over 100 homeruns.  (Unfortunately he played behind Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Edmonds, Chone Figgins, Bobby Abreu, Tim Salmon, Garret Anderson.)

It's safe to say Nick knows a little something about bat speed.  It says a lot when a player of Nick's caliber trained with the Fast Bat

and Power Development Program in the off-season.  Adding bat speed is crucial to success for players of any level!  If you don't believe it, just

ask Nick or any other major leaguer yourself.  

Nick Gorneault  is currently in charge of Northeast Scouting for the Los Angeles Angels and has witnessed first hand the increases in bat speed the Fast Bat and Power Development System can provide.

In 2014 he was named Scout of the Year for the entire Los Angeles Angels System. 

Day 1:

Average Bat Speed:  79 mph

Top Bat Speed:  81 mph

Day 9

Average Bat Speed:  84 mph

Top Bat Speed:  86 mph

Pete Fatse, a former minor leaguer in the Milwaukee Brewers system, was able

to add 8 mph to his bat speed in only 3 weeks (9 workouts)!

2014 MLB Draft - 2nd Round Pick - Arizona Diamondbacks

2014 High School All-American

2014 Top 50 High School Player

Central’s Isan Diaz increased his bat speed from 86.4 to 91.2 mph after using the fast bat during the off-season.   Here is his scouting report from Perfect Game.  He was the 70th overall pick of the 2014 MLB draft!

I’ve spent my life trying to find a way to create better baseball players and better athletes.  Since 2006 I have trained over 1,000 athletes - from Little Leaguers to Major Leaguers.  During that time span I have helped send close to 100 athletes on to the collegiate level and assisted with the training of top minor league prospects, Division 1 All-Americans and athletes from nearly every sport.  I developed the Fast Bat in 2006 during my time as a professional player based on my experiences as a player and my exercise science background. Since that time I have had nothing but outstanding results.  I put my name and reputation on the line with this product.  As a small company I pride myself on the quality, results and service of my product/business vs. the large companies that treat customers as a number.  Each and every bat I sell comes with a money back guarantee. 

Jon Davis

B.S. Applied Exercise Science

Developer of the Fast Bat

NSCA, CSCS - (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)

“Left handed hitter, big pull back load, flows into contact, timing can be impacted but approach develops big bat speed, explosive hands at contact, loose and fluid swing”

One of the top prospects in the 2015 Northeast Class - Seamus Curran has added over 20 mph in the off-season.  That added bat speed has translated to ball exit speeds of OVER 100 MPH in games, using a wood bat (Perfect Game).

The added bat speed earned Seamus numerous awards for the 2014 Spring Season including being one of the only juniors named to the all state team.  In 2015 he was selected in the 8th round of the 2015 MLB Draft.

“Jon Davis is one of the biggest reasons I am where I am today.  He will take you to the next level”

Seamus Curran

8th round pick of the Baltimore Orioles, 2015 MLB Draft

You are not purchasing a training product - you are purchasing RESULTS

Since putting out the Fast Bat and Power Development System over 6 years ago we have not had a single player not increase their bat speed.  Little Leaguers to Major Leaguers.  Multiple players have reached the 100 mph range using our system. 

Each purchase comes with a money back guarantee.  If you do not increase your bat speed we will refund your original purchase price.  There is nothing to lose. 

Overload-Underload training if finally beginning to get the attention it deserves.  Don’t settle for mediocre results with imitation training systems.  This is the original Overload-Underload Training bat with a state of the art training program. 

“Bat Speed is one of the major factors we evaluate as scouts when trying to figure out if a player has the ability to play at the next level.  Each level a player moves up bat speed becomes more and more important.  It allows players to

  1. 1) Hit the ball harder giving the ball a greater chance of finding a gap or 

     hole in the defense.

  1. 2) Hit the ball longer which again increases their ability to get on base or 

     knock in runs

  1. 3) Waite longer on a pitch allowing them to differentiate between off

     speed pitches.

Adding even only a few mph in bat speed can make a huge difference in a players chances of succeeding at the higher levels”

UPDATE:  Agawam High School Senior, Seamus Curran, drafted in 8th round of 2015 MLB Draft by Baltimore Orioles.  Curran impressed the Orioles by hitting several balls out of Camden Yards (out of the stadium) during his tryout.

Update:  The Fast Bat has helped produce two top 10 round draft picks in 2014 & 2015!