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Overload Underload Training is hands-down the most effective and quickest way to

increase power production in skills that involve throwing or swinging a weighted

object.  The technology has been used with extreme success starting in the former Soviet Union in the 70’s and eventually Olympians and professional athletes from nearly every sport have caught on.  However, it wasn’t until recent years that the technology has been integrated into the game of baseball.  Now you can significantly increase your bat

speed in as little as 6 weeks.

Product includes

1)  Fast Bat – The first on the market designed with weights that fit into the bat not over

it so that you can still use the bat for hitting! Patent pending technology

**we recommend using a ball no harder than a tennis ball in order to prevent

damaging the bat.

2)  State of the art volume regulating training program © to produce the greatest and

most rapid gains in bat speed possible.  Designed by a certified strength and

conditioning professional and modeled after Russian Periodization systems.  (Includes

12 week in-season and 12 week off-season program as well as 6 week off-season and 6

week in-season program.)


3)  Complete How-to Guide for Strength Training for Baseball.  If you want to maximize

your gains from this program and make improvement in running speed, arm strength,

bat speed, explosiveness, and agility, this program will tell you how.  Includes sample

program as well as how to design your own program.  Plus list of over 80 exercises.  Also

includes diagnostic chart which describes what you need to do in the weight room to

improve your weak areas on the diamond.

Order Based on Weight of Game Bat

Fast Bat  + Power Development System

Swing Speed Radar

Sizing Help:

If you have any questions regarding sizing, please contact us!  

Most High School players will want our 29 - 30 oz model. 

Depending on what we have in stock we can occasionally provide a training bat for players swinging bats weighing 21 and 22 oz.  When we don’t have the bat in stock we offer alternative options so softball or little league players can still get results!


Dealers/Teams email us for information about some great deals!

Sports Sensors Inc. Swing Speed Radar accurately and consistently gives feedback on

your bat speed.  Bat speed, next to hand-eye coordination, is the most important thing

for a hitter to have.  Unfortunately, most players have no idea if they are improving.

Now with the the Swing Speed Radar players and coaches can accurately and consistently get immediate feedback to know if their bat speed is improving.   Hitters can easily and accurately measure their bat speed on a daily or weekly basis.  The Swing Speed Radar also gives valuable feedback on proper

mechanics.  Hitters now can learn the correct swing mechanics when a qualified coach

is not available.  You can find other radar devices on the market to measure bat speed

but none will register as accurately and consistently.  More importantly no other

product can compete with the price of the Swing Speed Radar!

Ultimate Hitters Package

As of April 2014 the swing speed radar pricing has been increased for retail and wholesale pricing.   Seeing that Baseball Power did not create and does not manufacture the Swing Speed Radar we have no choice but to pass on the new pricing structure provided to us.

For individuals looking to make the most progress in terms of bat speed and hitting

revolutionary Overload Underload system (Fast Bat) plus the additional benefit of using

the Swing Speed Radar to track their fast progress.

This is a combination package at a special price.  If you purchased these two products

separately it would cost you $294.95.  Now, you can purchase them together for the price

of $259.00

Product includes:

1)  Full Overload Underload Bat Speed Power Development Program

A)  "Fast Bat" Overload Underload Bat (Patent Pending)

B)  State of the art workout programs (C)

C)  Strength Training for Baseball workout booklet

2)  Swing Speed Radar

Using the swing speed radar in combination with our Overload Underload system will

ensure that you are taking quality swings.  Remember quality always wins out over

quantity.  With this system you can carefully track your bat speed improvements.  Best of

all the swing speed radar will let you know when you have optimal swing mechanics and

when they are sub-par through their accurate radar system.

This comes out to $30 off what you would pay if you purchased separately. 




State of the art Velocity Development System (VDS) is a complete program designed to maximize throwing velocity through the following:

  1. A) Flexibility/Mobility

  2. B) Long Toss

  3. C) Overload-Underload Training

  4. D) Arm Maintenance (Rotator cuff & elbow support program)

  5. E) Explosive Work (Plyometics and med ball work)

  6. F) Weight Training

  7. G) Core Work

*The package includes 5 baseballs (3 - 7 oz), 12 week off-season and 12 week in-season overload-underload program + training programs for sections A - G (above).

You can use the weighted ball program alone or use the fully integrated program.  The choice is up to you.  The goal was to use every available “proven” method for improving throwing velocity and combine them to help players get maximum gains in throwing velocity.

Each section contains a detailed program and links to youtube demonstrations for each exercise.

For more information on the Science of the program go Here:

Science of Throwing Faster

For frequently asked questions and answers go Here:

FAQs -  Increase Throwing Velocity

For more general information about the program and my journey/use of it as a player

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